DECEMBER 8th 2018, MADMOIZEL Live @ DAda / Toulouse (Fr)

Brand new ep “DUAL” available now on TONN Recordings – Belfast.
Re-work, re-mix, re-writing, meeting between 2 artists from TONN Recordings:

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Insights from Mary McIntyre, visual artist and owner of TONN Recordings – Belfast:
“Location Belfast…
One of the most interesting things about working with the artists on TONN Recordings is the specific sensibilities that they each bring from their different locations all over the world.
Synth created in France, Greece, Italy and Spain, England, Scotland, Russia and the US, each has a different dimension that is unique to its country of origin. But most interesting of all is that the synth on TONN Recordings converges in Belfast. From the studios of MADMOIZEL and Iv/An, created in Paris and Zagreb, coming together in Belfast to form something rich and dynamic, ‘DUAL’. The superb new EP from MADMOIZEL and Iv/An”
Images courtesy of © Christopher Martin