Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel

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Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel is a duet from Paris. Karim Al Asswad is an archivist of art & subliminal imagery. Madmoizel is a new-synth composer and performer on the labels Objetrouvé (Paris-Berlin) and TONN Recordings (Belfast). Organising from time to time dj set in parisian clubs, they also are known for their track “Sauvage” available on Objetrouvé. Each of their mix is introduced by a video work where all the theme’s references are explored.


Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel est un duo parisien. Karim Al Asswad est un oisif aimant l’art, un archiviste d’images subliminales. Madmoizel est compositrice et performeuse représentée par les labels Objetrouvé (Paris – Berlin) et TONN Recordings (Belfast). Ils organisent de temps en temps quelques dj sets dans des clubs parisiens et sont aussi connus pour leur titre “Sauvage” paru sur le label Objetrouvé. Chacun des mix est introduit par un clip video rassemblant toutes les références du thème proposé.

Theme #2 “Dream losers – Forbidden dreams

“Listen to the Station!
There was a time, when you could dream
There was a time, when you could dream
Now, Now,
It has become a claim!
It has become a claim!
To dream ….. dream losers”
Lyrics © Alan Vega – Station Station (2007)

In reference to Alan Vega’s lyrics “Station Station” we were pleased to introduce the new chapter of our serie of mixes with this song and with a special artwok. We were not surprised that the Alan Vega’s distributors / authors rights blocked our youtube channel. So we have decided to remove the artwork and to substitute “Alan Vega – Station Station” by the great “Dirty Beaches – Casino Lisboa” which perfectly fits with “Dream losers- Forbidden dreams” ‘s theme.

June 2020

01 . Dirty BeachesCasino Lisboa
02 . Bernardino FemminielliGoodbye Blueboy
03 . La ChatteLe Rasoir (unreleased)
04 . Death in JuneThe Calling (MK II)
05 . Tara CrossTempus Fugit
06 . Malaria!Kaltes Klares Wasser
07 . Diseño CorbusierGolpe de Amistad
08 . Human FleshUn matin de plus
09 . Chris’n’CoseySweet Surprise
10 . Soloist Anti Pop Totalization Other
11 . Jeff & Jane HudsonFat of the Land
12 . PropagandaEcho of Frozen Faces
13 . ShaktiForbidden Dreams

Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel #1 – “Le sexe et l’effroi”

March 2020

01 . Dumb Type – Silence Fiction
02 . Fiction TechnologyDancing Puppets
03 . Esplendor GeometricoTrybuna Robotnicza 1
04 . Plus InstrumentsDon’t Forget Me
05 . Dayli FauliSpeed
06 . ThéorèmeLeader des Serveurs
07 . Ventre de BicheViens Mourir
08 . Iggy PopFuntime
09 . David P. La Noche (TONN Recordings)
10 . Martial CanterelAssault
11 . Liaisons DangereusesEtre assis ou Danser
12 . Neon LiesDrugz
13 . Section 25Girls don’t count
14 . Conrad SchnitzlerDas Tier
15 . Plastic IvyDada Lay Dying
16 . LLORABad Behaviour
17 . Siouxsie & the BansheesDazzle
18 . MADMOIZEL feat. Karim Al AsswadSauvage (Objetrouvé#3)