November 7th, 2020.

A respectful producer asked me to do the cover of Funtime by Iggy Pop last september 2019. A kind of exercise in style. A real challenge as this song is probably one of my all time favorite
I have tried to keep the power of darkness in my interpretation crossing Punk and Techno style. A dark dancefloor. Enjoy!

Funtime © Iggy Pop / David Bowie

October 16th, 2020

Karim Al Asswad & MADMOIZEL #3 – Le Bal perdu

In reference to the most moving French song ever « Le Bal Perdu ». An old time ballroom, forgotten ballroom. No rules, no time, no space, just the ballroom of a present moment, a suspended moment. Image © El Greco

Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel #3 “Le bal perdu

September 7th – 2020

Unique livestreaming broacasted last June 18th on “Vox Sinistra – Strict Tempo” – Seattle based.

Including “Desert sunlight” video clip – Filmed by © Julie Borgeaud, editing © MADMOIZEL.

1.Desert SunlightPlay Bizarre
2.You, a dreamerPlay Bizarre
3.ComeLady Dandy
4.Welcome HomeLady Dandy
5.Lone WolfThe Love Machinery
7.DancefloorThe Love Machinery
8.Voulez-VousPlay Bizarre

*Tracks 1,2 & 8 available on TONN Recordings
*Track 6 available on Objetrouvé
*Tracks 3, 4, 5 & 7 available on MADMOIZEL bandcamp

June 28th – 2020

Mix #2 of Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel is online “Dream losers – Forbidden dreams”

June 8th – 2020

Live recording of « Paradis », played in Budapest in 2019 at Sziget Festival. Original version available on Objetrouvé n°3 « ILLUSION ».