March 22nd 2020

A youtube channel dedicated to the finest and underground artists loved by the duet from Paris: Karim Al Asswad & Madmoizel. Karim Al Asswad is an iddle loving art and archivist of subliminale images. Madmoizel is a synth composer and performer on the labels Objetrouvé (Paris-Berlin) and TONN Recordings (Belfast). Organising from time to time dj set in parisian clubs, they also are known for their track “Sauvage” on the french label Objetrouvé. Each of their mix is introduced by a video work where all the theme’s references are explored. Theme #1 : “Le sexe et l’effroi”. Enjoy the mix and the video.

March 8th 2020

TONN Danceworks IV, featuring MADMOIZEL

The fourth in a series of contemporary dance works for synth.

Composer & performer MADMOIZEL VS Dancer & choreography Vasiliki Stasinaki

Recorded at the MAC Belfast, produced by TONN Recordings

Directed by Mary McIntyre, founder of TONN Recordings

Video Production Paul Marshall

Audio mastering by Achim Dreßler – Wellencocktail Tonstudio

‘Repetitive’ © MADMOIZEL

Music featured from the album, ‘Play Bizarre‘ by MADMOIZEL © all rights reserved

After the wonderful live-act done at TROPISME FESTIVAL in Montpellier (Fr) last January 18th, I am going to tour again in UK on February and March 2019! With the unforgettable help of, TONN Recordings, The Black Box and NEO NEO, I have the pleasure to share the gigs below with This is the Bridge (with the unique video of Michael Hanna and Jared Longlands), Jan Doyle Band, Leifert, Sombre Moon, Dame Area, 13X, Flavolous, Low Sea.

Link Tour ►

After the release of “Play Bizarre” new MADMOIZEL’s album on TONN Recordings – Belfast last september 29th, brand new video of “You, A dreamer”.


You can also read the nice review written by Fabrizio Lusso in White Light / White Heat:

It’s been building up for a while and finally “Play Bizarre”, the brand new album from Paris based, French expressionist-synth vocalist composer & performer Madmoizel  has been released through TONN Recordings in all its dazzling beauty and sparkling darkness.

A mysterious, intoxicating, visceral and utterly challenging synth-empowered journey, steered by Madmoizel’s suberb voice, to the exploration of “the soul of the machines”.

Ominous, metallic synth textures, relentless distorted, chugging bassline and thumping beats intertwine with the commanding,  haunting and passionate vocals, to immerse the listener into an conflicting world of inner turmoil, colliding feelings and pent up emotions, belting out an insanely irresistible, overwhelming slab of elegant and sensual dark disco.”