BLUE (2021)

Released on November 2021 on TONN Recordings

Vinyl – Cat.TONN024 – and digital
Composed, performed, produced by MADMOIZEL
Mastered by Wellencocktail Tontstudio
Cover © Chad Alexander

« From profundity to lightness, Blue is the process. I think of you, Mother ».
Written from March 2019 to March 2020 and dedicated to my Mother.

Drawing with my eyes – video
Filmed at Château H.
Directed by Sotho Houle / Video production by Sotho Houle & Sarah Violaine
Music by MADMOIZEL / From the album Blue – TONN Recordings

Send me the light – MADMOIZEL / Music & Video © MADMOIZEL From the album BLUE available on TONN Recordings youtube

Resurrection – MADMOIZEL / Music & Video © MADMOIZEL From the album `BLUE’ released on TONN Recordings

Vertigo – MADMOIZEL © Video by Stéphane Argillet