Last 2019 – Releases and more

Last year was full of different musical works: one release of the Ep Illusion, remixes, a video performance, MADMOIZEL by 3 portraitists , Dj set, “Play Bizarre” tour….. What will happen in 2020? Stay tuned in the next few months. Happy 2020 to you all!

Ending 2019 by a Dj set with my friend Karim Al Asswad (soon available on Mixcloud) and by a review in the japanese webzine Cold Experiment in which Illusion is selected as the best 30 ep of 2019 / Ep available on Objetrouvé.

April 2019 release of Objetrouvé #3Illusion by Madmoizel – Mastered by Dea Handmade limited edition and unique pieces – Synth Records 100 copies – 20 “Art Boxes” & 80 “Art Sleeves” available on Objetrouvé (Paris)

Series of remixes all available on TONN Recordings ►”Voulez-Vous” by Prinzessin for Madmoizel ►”Traum (Huntress remix)” by Madmoizel for Crystalline Stricture ►”Blood Disco” by Madmoizel for MISFORTUNES

Portraits 2019 (from left to right) © Laetitia Bica (Brussels), © David Colin (Amiens), © Chad Alexander (Belfast for TONN Recordings)

TONN Liveworks – MADMOIZEL 30 minutes video of an uninterrupted private music performance at the Mac Belfast. For TONN Recordings, directed by Mary McItyre, video production Paul Marshall, mastering Jardin de verre.

Live at Sziget Festival – Last gig of “Play Bizarre” tour. TONN Recordings’s catalogue – including Play Bizarre by MADMOIZEL– is now in the British Library Archive of Sounds

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